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The City of Jacksonville has distributed $82,000 to local oraganizations.  Including $18,000 to the Soup Kitchen and $16,200 to the Homeless Shelter.
The Onslow Soup Kitchen thanks you for voting in the CITGO Fueling Good Program. Of the hundreds of charities that enrolled, Onslow Soup Kitchen was voted among the top 100! That means a lot considering nearly 325,000 votes were cast. We couldn’t have done it without supporters like you. We thank you for the hard work put into getting the word out and...
A group in Onslow county discovered an odd way to help the homeless in that area. About 80 men and women are turning used plastic grocery bags into mats for homeless people to sleep on. The mats are made at First Baptist Church in Swansboro.Related    Colder temperatures could be harmful to your AC pipes    Tax proposal: Increase grocery tax, eliminate...