Voices of Impact

Hear from those who’ve experienced our mission firsthand.

Some Kind Words From Our Visitors


I love to come here and donate my old belongings. They will write you a tax write off sheet just like Goodwill or other Thrift stores do, but they use your items to help needing families or the homeless. It feels more wholesome to bring it here and they even take household items now because they are helping the community with emergency housing. Everyone here (staff-wise) is so sweet and helpful and I always see different volunteers when I come by.


“The Best”

They have a new operations manager, and she is the best I’ve ever came across she’s brilliant. It was the best decision I ever made to hire her. She’s got all kinds of great ideas, and I hope she implements all of them.

Punkn Boo tail

“A Godsend”

The dental clinic is a Godsend ♡. It is not free with optional donation anymore. Call for pricing. They are down to one dentist as we speak. They are only scheduling 1 day a week (wed) I was told. I love them. It’s clean and staff is unbeatable! Thank you so very much for continuing to be open with the staff shortage. I hope you know the good you do for the community.

Elizabeth LaChapelle


This place and it’s ppl are so amazing. They work hard for the ppl of Onslow county who are down on their luck. If you need assistance please go see Ms Cynthia Pearson and her team, she is the Mother Teresa of Onslow County!

Eran Foye


What an amazing group of people that volunteer and help here? I have never worked with a better group of human beings than I have worked with here? From the bottom of my heart, never stop striving to help others!!! Kindness and unconditional love and perspective will change the world for the better!!!

Love heals All

“Great Service”

It’s a great program for this community and the quality of food donated and given to the less fortunate is great. They’re really doing a great service for the Onslow county community.

Andrew Grassette

“God Bless You”

Thanks so much for help for Onslow County!!! If for some reason they are not able to help they will still find other help around!!! Nice thrift store of clothing, furniture, and decorations for the whole home and family!!!! God Bless you!

Robyn Pinion


Dedicated people helping with food, shelter, medical and dental care. And Christmas Cheer in season. This location is where the Soup kitchen, homeless shelter, administrative office, benevolent services and Christmas Cheer are located.

Glenn Hargett

“Helped Me”

Loved the place used to stay there got me on my feet where I am today thankful for Cindy and crew that helped me threw my homelessness.

Amanda F


I visited Onslow Community is a very nice place and the staff was very helpful. I would refer other to this office.

William Cothren